A centralized configuration management tool, with similar purpose like Puppet, Chef. But quite different modeling mechanism. Optimist view: Don't repeat, do things once. Pessimist view: it is an error replicator at high speed. ie. Be careful what you do, there is no roll back feature build in. There is no undo per se. Fixing is really adding new rule to check for the error and apply another change.


space matters.  
!FileExists works.   ! FileExists (ie with a space after !) don't!
function(...)  is good.  don't add spaces around ( ) !!

class1|class2			| = or
condition1.condition2		. = AND
class1.cond1|class2.cond1	AND preceds OR
(class1|class2).cond1		( ) does NOT alter the conditions... mixed success.... sometime it is taken verbatim as part of name??
(class1.cond1|cl2.cond2).cond3	this seems to have worked under shellcommands: clause  (or maybe it didn't work which is why it was commented out.
				there is no real diff b/w class1 vs cond1... ie, they are just grp definitions.

Process clause

	# only check for running process for host with the group named "uge_exechost"
        	# run a ps -ef, see if it match the quoted line below
			# if not, run the command in the restart in the line below
                        restart "/sbin/service sgeexecd.ugemaster start"


cfexecd -F in cron save files in /var/cfengine.


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