Legato Networker

most programs installed to /nsr/bin, /nsr/sbin
some drivers in /usr/kernel/drv /usr/lib/nsr /usr/sbin/ 

nsrd			# networker daemon (init script, /nsr/sbin)
nsrexecd		# networker daemon (needed by nwadmin, /nsr/sbin)

networker		# invoke main GUI
nwadmin 		# admin GUI
nsrwatch		# monitor error messages from legato networker

nsrjb -v		# see what tape is in which slot in the lib, status.
nsrjb –j P2000 –L –b ‘NDMP Offsite’ –S 1-79
			# label tapes in different slots.
			# -j = jukebox name, can be omitted if there is only one defined.
			# -S = range of slot

nsrjb -w ONN485		# eject tape (with volume name ONN485) thru loading dock

nsrjb -j P2000 -d	# deposit (load) tape into jukebox
			# default to empty slot in lib 

nsrmm -o full VOLNAME	# mark a tape named VOLNAME as "full"
			# this will tell Legato tape is no longer "appendable"
			# so that it will not req for the tape to write 
			# when it has moved out of the library by operator.

/nsr/logs		# dir of most log
/nsr/lic/logs		# license related logs
/nsr/lic		# dir for licenses


nsradmin		# cli counterpart of nwadmin

NetWorker backup program (nwbackup)
NetWorker recover program (nwrecover)
NetWorker archive program (nwarchive)
NetWorker retrieval program, for retrieving archived data (nwretrieve)

keylic -f licenseFile

Directory Files  p113   [nwuxag71.pdf, from Fujitsu]
mm NetWorker media database
res NetWorker resource files:
defaults (used to set environment variables)
res/nsrdb NetWorker resource database
index/client_name/db Client file index database
logs NetWorker log files


Removing a client machine when backup is no longer needed:

nwadmin - Clients - select appropriate client - deselect any groups it belongs to -  Apply


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(cc) Tin Ho. See main page for copyright info.