Terminal Servers

Serial Console Servers
- Digi CM32  -- very good
  Standard cableing, good web interface for end user, 
  target as serial console server and nothing else.
  (more from gmail archive)...
  MSRP $80 per port.

- Lantronix SecureLinx 
  Feature rich, rock solid, but confusing dizzy array of config.
  ssh included.
  web interface for admin only, centered as dial-up modem pool.
  VAR price, $50 per port, except 48 port one which is at $60.

- Lantronix (old white box)
  Standard RJ45 pin out, same connector as SecureLinx.
  No SSH
  A bit cheaper than SecureLinx
  No https.
  No SSH.....  NO SSH ?!?!?!  :)

- Perle
  Worse POS I have seen :(
  Albeit RJ45, it uses propietary pin out => propietary connector.
  Very clumsy web interface.
  Bad CLI.
  Overall, stay away if you can!

  Non standard pin out also, but probably cheap.
  Who want gazillion different type of adaptors?  
  Stay away from it!

- CyClades
  Probably as good as Lantronix
  Probably same pin out as Lantronix (ie "standard pinout")
  Much more customizable, drop into Linux shell.
  Know how to use vi?
  More heavily discounted than Lantronix by VAR (FusionStorm).


User can be added thru https or vi /etc/ files once logged in as root.

Can create access control list containing group of users.
All port can have default access for given ACL.
Then specific port can have its own ACL that overwrite the default ACL,
thereby allowing specific remote admin to control specific port.
Such remote admin would be in ACL that is listed by no access granted for "all ports".
"all port" must not give access to "everyone"

(Ch 8 discuss about user port access security, p70 or 40 talks about ACL)  All setup thru WebGUI. 


(still in old serial.ref file)

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