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aka Ecma Script.  
ES5?  ES6?  ES7?

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JS is weakly typed.
a = 1; 
b = 1; 
( a == b )  // this works
( a === b ) // comparison operator is ===   , or at least Mozilla Dev Net use this.

6 types of primitive data types:

typeof true   // boolean
typeof false  // boolean
logical operators:  && || 

typeof null   // object!! rtfm!

typeof undefined  // undefined

Symbols // everything are different.

typeof 1.5 // number
typeof NaN  // number  WTF?? :)
typeof Infinity // number
typeof 'a' // string

everything else is ojbect.  eg hash, function, etc.

there is a concept of strict mode, which change behavior for mixed data types


- {}
- var myObj = {};

JSON (java script object notation):
- often a list (array) of objects.
- a way to serialize list as communication encoding in API (eg REST calls).
- HOW to refer to individual elements???   D3js seems to represent things in JSON as well... 

Note that Array is a (?) list construct (?) and not a data type. 
so, can have an array of any of the data type.

[ 'a', 'b' ] + [ 'c' , 'd' ]  //

var fruits = ['Apple', 'Banana'];
fruits.length ; // 2

# loop over an array

fruits.forEach(function(item, index, array) {
  console.log(item, index);
// Apple 0
// Banana 1

fruits[0]; // Apple, ie 0-index for first array element

fruits.push('Orange');   // add element to array (double check that don't have to assign to a new object)
remainingList = fruits.pop();     // remove from end   (note remainingList is a new list?  original list "fruits" stays the same?  also note that pop() isn't returning the element that was removed!
or is MDN tutorial just confusing/mixed up??

Variable & scope

y = 1; 	  // eg of undeclared variable, scope is global, even when first use is inside a function
var z = 2;   // eg of delcared variable, if inside a function, not usable outside of fn it was declared. (aka constrained)

function can create new variable scoping, if block cannot.

  1. var, let, const in ES6 (2015). Include explanation of hoisting: Digital Ocean
    Note that duplication declaration with var is allowed (and no warnings!).
    use `let` inside block or fn is recommended, reduce chance of overwritting global declaration. it also explicitly error out on duplicate `let` declaration
  2. additional diff b/w declared and undeclared vars: (MDN)

Quick Output

Quick output
- alert( "Hello World");        // this is a dialog pop up
- console.log("Hello Debugger");        // ^I in chrome opens debugger, go to console tab.  (ctrl-sh-i)    
- document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = "Hello Internet";     // id would be the id tag in a 


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