vagrant init 			# will create a new Vagrantfile in current dir
vi Vagrantfile			# skip init and use a customized file. eg singhub/Vagrantfile

vagrant up
vagrant provision		# (re)run provision section of Vagrantfile 
vagrant provision --debug 	# add debug output to above

vagrant up --provision | tee provision.log	# run vagrant up and forces provision to run

# works on osx sierra, but not on mint rafaela, which needed:
vagrant box add centos/7   ## this one works!
# see
# but in mint, still can't do vagrant up, something crashes , but that maybe virtualbox bug... oh, my linux box had been acting up...

vagrant status
vagrant global-status		# if have some global farm thing setup
vagrant suspend			# hibernate vm
vagrant resume			# resume vm after hibernation
vagrant halt			# power off vm
vagrant reload 			# restarts vagrant machine, loads new Vagrantfile configuration
vagrant reload --provision 	# Same as above, but also force provisioning

vagrant box list -i		# -i give extra info.  but container name with /n doesn't show up!  bug??
vagrant box remove -h 		# -h for help on specific subcommand
vagrant box remove foobar/7 virtualbox

#--vagrant destroy		# this will DELETE the box and ...

vagrant push 			# push code with vagrant...
vagrant ssh 			# ssh to vagrant vm.  it has password?  ssh key??


Example Vagrantfile.


Mint:    sudo apt-get install vagrant virtualbox

Centos7: yum -y install
# says vagrant can use docker too...
# but not so sure.  vagrant ask for VirtualBox, VMware, hyperV.  

# yum -y install virt-what              # inside VM, tell/guess what env is in.

cd ~/Downloads
sudo hdiutil attach vagrant_2.0.0_x86_64.dmg
sudo installer -package /Volumes/Vagrant/vagrant.pkg -target /
# installed to /opt/vagrant with link in /usr/local
sudo hdiutil detach /Volumes/Vagrant

sudo hdiutil attach VirtualBox-5.1.28-117968-OSX.dmg 
sudo installer -package /Volumes/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.pkg -target /
# installed to /Applications/
sudo hdiutil detach /Volumes/VirtualBox/

Virtual Box

vboxmanage list vms
vboxmanage showvminfo

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